Hanoi Language Tours

Understanding local culture is a meaningful thing of your travel, speak local language is even more exciting. Viet Value Travel offers this special tours to tourist or expats who loves Vietnamese culture and expect a deeper understanding locals. Tours inc




Day 1: Meeting & Learning

  • Pickup student from hotel.
  • Coffee.
  • Discussion of course objectives and client requirements.
  • Introduction to basic salutations and etiquette
  • Lunch together in Vietnamese restaurant. Your first chance to practise.
  • Walk the streets of the Old Quarter. See the shops, craftsmen and markets.
  • Teacher will show you the facilities and services you will need during your stay. All the while you will be practicing your basic salutations

Day 2: Understanding & Practice

  • Spelling and pronunciation basics.
  • Learn how to buy a ticket.
  • Practise the dialogue of buying a meal at a restaurant or stall.
  • Visit the Temple of Literature and its beautiful gardens Visit the Tran Quoc Pagoda if time allows. Try translating signs and instructions
  • Take afternoon tea overlooking beautiful Hoàn Kiếm lake..


  • Courses and activities start from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm everyday.
  • Itinerrary and pictures are associated with Mr. Tan - The master of the course! Visit Tan's website here & read more about Vietnamese language here
  • Courses of 5 days, 10 days are also available, please contact us for those packages and details.
  • The intinerary above can be changed at the time of booking


  • Speak basic Vietnamese northern accent after the course
  • Understading Vietnamese wording structures and tips on Vietnamese language
  • Visit main sights that Hanoi has to offer
  • Join local activities on street with our language expert


Inclusion ( Bao Gom )

  • Class room & facilities ( Phong hoc )
  • Course materials ( Vat dung cho khoa hoc )
  • Light refeshments ( Uong nhe )
  • Airport pick up ( Don san bay )

Exclusion ( Khong bao gom )

  • Accomodation ( Phong nghi )
  • Transport ( Phuong tien di lai )
  • Meals ( Cac bua an )
  • Entrance fees on sightseeing ( Ve tham quan )

Recommended Hotels

Recommended Tom's house Hotel as local accommodation that suited for this type of tours.