Hanoi Handicraft Villages - Full Day

On the outskirts of Hanoi there are at least 50 handicraft villages, some of which are world renowned for their arts. During a fun and insightful day you can explore and shop at some of the must-see villages such as Bat Trang ceramic village, Van Phuc sil



Am: Pick up from your hotel and depart for our first famous village of Bat Trang.
Located along the banks of the Red River, Bat Trang is definitely.
Vietnam's most famous ceramic village.

Ancestors of today’s ceramic artisans began their craft in world famous Bat Trang during the Ly Dynasty some 10 centuries ago. Local artisans are renowned the world over for ceramic arts and have won many international awards. You’ll witness these artisans at work as you roam down narrow alleys into shops where you’ll be able to buy their refined ceramics at unbelievable prices.
We keep driving to the next village of Le Mat which is located a few kilometers over the Red River from central Hanoi. Here the locals  have been catching and breeding snakes, making snake wines and tonics, and cooking tasty snake dishes for some 900 years. A dinner in this village will be an unforgettable experience. After selecting your snake, the chef will prepare it in about 14 different dishes, each served with a different kind of rice wine, all believed to have their own medicinal values. The annual festival of Le Mat village is carried out on the 23rd of the third lunar month to commemorate their Patron Saint with the famous dance of the snake. Lunch is optional!

Pm: We keep heading to the east of Hanoi after lunch. Located about 15 km west of Hanoi, Van Phuc has been well-known for silk making and silk products for centuries. The streets of Van Phuc, lined with modern store fronts selling beautiful silk clothes and fabrics, are abuzz with looms and sewing machines. The local silk is famous for its smooth, lightweight appearance and  qualities that enable it to be dyed more colors to suit a variety of skin tones. You can buy ready-made garments or buy the raw fabric of your liking and have one of Hanoi’s famous tailors custom-craft your clothes.

A short drive from the silk village of Van Phuc, we reach  Dong Ky wood carving village. Originally, carpentry was a side hobby for the inhabitants of Dong Ky. However, poverty forced the villagers to concentrate their skills on this occupation. The some 12,000 residents now prosper from their trade with the increasing demand from hotels, restaurants, and exporters for their quality, hand carved furniture and crafts. The wood work here is also famous for its meticulously inlaid mother of pearl. After visiting Dong Ky village, we head back to Hanoi. Our bus will drop you off to your hotel. This is the end of the tour.

Note: The intinerary above can be changed due to the time you book the tour


Place 1: Bat Trang village-Co Loa Citadel(Hanoi)
Battrang ceramic village,vietnam culture tourBat Trang, ceramic village or an old pottery village & CoLoa-an old citadel of Vietnam. (Hanoi)

Place 2: Van Phuc village – Tram pagoda and Tram Gian Pagoda(Ha Tay Prrovince)
Vietnam farmer, vietnam culture tourVan Phuc, a silk village is a great place to silk cloth being produced on the loom. There is a showroom where you can buy silk by the meter, much more exciting that buying it in the shops  Tram pagoda & Tram Gian pagodas.

Place 3: Bat Trang(Ha Noi) – But Thap Pagoda and Dong Ky village(Bac Ninh province)
Bat Trang – an old pottery village, here they make ‘Giay do’ paper and paint them with traditional designs. All of paper is made by hand and some, still in the traditional way with all natural products.

But thap pagoda,vietnam culture tourBut Thap pagoda – the most famous pagoda in Bac Ninh and one of the most beautiful pagoda in North Vietnam.

Dong Ky – carpentry village. Here they made furniture inlaid with mother of pearl and finished off with layer of clear lacquar. In laying the mother of pearl is highly labour intensive, see how it is delicately sawed info fine-bone sliver and paints takingly set into wood.

Place 4: Thay ( master pagoda) & Tay Phuong pagoda in Ha Tay province

Tay Phuong pagoda,vietnam culture tourTayPhuong Pagoda which was built in the 17th century, and is very famous for the 18 statues of La Han coated with lacquer paint. After that we visit Thay Pagoda which was first built in 11 century. This one is located at the foot of Thay mountain and has a neat setting. In here, you'll have a chance to see the oldest stage for performing water puppet right in the village lake.


Trip includes:

  • English speaking guide
  • Mini van with Air – conditioner
  • Water for whole trip
  • Entrance fees
  • Pick up & drop off from your hotel.

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  • Personal expenses such as : tips and gratuities….

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